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What's Your Vision?

When I was little, I wanted to be an artist, an astronomer, or my favorite: a Buffalo Jill! When we're young, we all have BIG dreams or visions for what our life might look like. Then as we grow up, our parents, teachers and society tells us, you should do this, you can't do that. The worst part? We start to believe it! Then little by little that spark begins to fade. We begin to sacrifice or ignore what we really want and trade it for what the adults told us we should or ought to be doing. After-all, they're older and wiser right? But then we wake up one day and find ourselves in a job we're not too excited about, or a marriage we're miserable in. Slowly we sacrifice our joy for others, and ignoring our needs only to wonder where all that joy and wonder went from childhood. But I have a secret for you; it's still there. You just can't see it. It's been locked away, pushed down so many times you don't even recognize it anymore.

What if I told you that you could reconnect with your true self? To reinvigorate your life to be filled with joy, laughter, and play? What if the key was already inside of you and all you needed to do was listen? That's what mindfulness does. It helps you get better at listening (to yourself, and to others). Then slowly over time, the voice gets louder. That voice is always guiding you. It's your intuition. It guides you towards everything and everyone that's meant for you. Sounds magical right? It is! And that's why I'm offering FREE 1-hour coaching sessions to help you reconnect to your true self, to guide you towards your dream life. All you have to do is schedule your session today.

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