for Educators

(Live an OMazing Life)

Are you a teacher in public or private education? This online course was designed to help you learn the tools to reduce stress, overwhelm and burnout by practicing simple mindfulness techniques. 


You will find stillness in stressful moments, breathe space into anxiety and overwhelm while instilling joy back into your life.


Looking for change?

Joining a  challenge is a great way to jumpstart transformation. 

All you have to do is sign up and you'll get daily reminders on the App to help you stay focused.

Join the revolution from within!

OMazing Life Retreat

(a gathering for educators)

Teaching can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. To truly make an impact, we need to be OUR best. So, join me on my next teachers retreat!

You'll reconnect with yourself and a community of mindful educators while you disconnect from the outside world and dive deep into this immersive & rejuvenating retreat set in the magical region of Nosara, Costa Rica

OMazing Schools

(professional development for teachers)

Are you an administrator of a public, private or independent school wondering if mindfulness, meditation or yoga can help your staff?

I'd love to talk with you! I've developed a program which reduces stress inside and outside the classroom that teachers can learn during professional development time.

Guided Meditations

I love teaching beginners! Sometimes life gets busy; I get it! Let me come to you, and together we can create a personalized yoga plan that meets your needs and goals.

Corporate Classes

In 2015, I was sponsored by BCBS of WNY to teach a series of Outdoor Fitness / Yoga classes to the general public. During this series, participants learned about breath and body awareness, alignment as well as meditation & mindfulness practices.

Are you looking to bring mindfulness, meditation or yoga into the workplace?

Let's connect!

Group Classes

My goal is to make Yoga accessible to every body. You don't need to stand on your head or do a split to practice yoga. My approach is fun & playful while still grounded in alignment by linking breath and movement in a mindful way.

Voice Acting

I specialize in guided meditation, mindfulness and SO much more! Whether it's e-learning, inspirational audiobooks,  or narration; my goal is to help you reach your listeners by helping them to feel more cool, calm and connected.

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