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3 Ways to Use Yoga Blocks

Have you ever wondered; how the hell do you use Yoga blocks?! I've been there. That's why I put together this quick guide to get you up and running ASAP!

The use of props in Yoga are endless!

To sit: • Place 1 or 2 between your heels while kneeling • Sit back, stack the shoulders over the hips

For high-lunge / low-lunge and warrior 1:

(Bring the earth closer to you using two blocks to reach)

  • Place two block shoulder width at the front of your mat

  • Fold forward and place hands on each block

  • step back in high lunge

  • lower knee for low lunge

  • Option: Keep hands on blocks while shifting front/back for half-splits

Reclined / Supine twist

  • Lie on back

  • Bring knee into your chest

  • Lower both knees to the right side and place one block to support your knees (keep shoulders and hips flat against floor)

  • Repeat on the opposite side

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