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Is there an ideal time to eat, sleep, work, exercise and play?

According to Ayurveda there is! Not only do our lives correlate with the seasons and elements, but so do the days and time of day. The early morning hours is said to be an auspicious time (for prayer and deep reflection). While later in the morning you may feel the downward pull of kapha energy when waking up past sunrise. Ayurveda is all about balancing these energies in excess and utilizing the natural rhythms to promote health & harmony.

  • Vata 2-6am (Wake with the Sun)

  • Kapha 6-10am (Dinacarya / Exercise)

  • Pitta 10am-12pm (Largest meal of the day)

  • 2pm-6pm (Creative work & Communication)

  • 6-10am (Movement / Light Dinner / in bed by 10pm)

  • 10pm-12am (sleeping)

For some of us getting to bed before 10pm can be tricky; the idea is to slowly get to bed earlier over time and not take on too much too quickly. Notice the effects after a few days. What has shifted for you? Which one will you practice this month?

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