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Designing Your Health & Fitness Plan

Health and fitness are two of the most significant components that fuel the energy and the quality of our lives. Taking ownership of our health and fitness means we need to accept who we are, take action to reach our health goals, and celebrate our achievements. 

Designing your own health and fitness plan can help you stay on track with your healthy habits and eventually achieve optimal well-being. Here are several ways you can begin designing your health and fitness plan:

  • Physically write down your goals. Write down your goals and the steps to take to reach each goal. Having written goals will make your health and fitness plan objectives clear. When faced with a decision between a healthy or unhealthy choice, remember that making the healthier decision will give you a more significant benefit and greater satisfaction.

  • Determine your WHY. This is the unique aspect of your health plan. Your WHY is what inspires you to take action and sets you apart from everyone else. Determining why you want to live a healthier lifestyle is a crucial part in communicating your purpose and preparing an actionable plan.

  • View challenges as opportunities: The road to success will have obstacles and challenges, but it’s the process of overcoming these that empowers you to transform- welcome challenges as opportunities to grow.

  • Eat healthy. A healthy, well-balanced diet provides the energy you need to stay active throughout the day and is a critical factor for achieving a healthy weight.

  • Manage stress. Realizing you are in control of your life is the foundation for managing stress. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions by identifying the stressors in your life and utilize mindfulness practices that support you.

  • Reach out for support. As your Mindfulness Coach, I'm here to guide and help keep you accountable.

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