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Why Do You Practice Yoga?

"What would you do if money weren't an issue?" For me, that is teaching Yoga. It lights me up, inspires me and keeps me going even on my darkest days. I have been practicing since 2007 now and over the course of 12 years have taken hundreds of classes all over the globe. From small studios, to large gyms, resorts, fitness centers, festivals, beaches and parks, but nothing compares to taking a class at Kripalu.

I feel spoiled when I think about it. Spoiled to have experienced what it's like to have taken classes taught by (in my opinion) some of the best yoga instructors in the States. I don't always get that at Yoga classes here in Las Vegas. Often times, it feels like a glorified stretching or fitness class and I go home feeling like something was missing. So that brings me back to Kripalu. There is something truly magical about taking a class with a skilled, and experienced Yoga instructor who can effortlessly guide you inward. It's the same reason why people try out different classes and studios until they find a teacher they 'click' with. This I believe, is a rare skill that unfortunately not all yoga teachers possess. This skill, is one that I continue to cultivate in my own practice, and is the number one reason why I teach.

With that said, I practice yoga for the same exact reason why I teach. I don't teach because I want people to get in better shape *gasp* or to be more flexible or to do a headstand (although those things are nice and helpful). I teach to help others tap into that unmistakable feeling of connection; the connection to ones true self, and thus to others and of being complete and whole all on your own. I often do this with no other tools than linking breath with movement in a mindful way.

After assisting another training at Kripalu this past Summer, I was reminded (yet again) of one simple truth: a sense of connection, of family and of hOMe is a feeling. A feeling that I can tap into, find anywhere and at any time, all I have to do is close my eyes and just breathe.

Why do you practice Yoga?


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