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Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave is a central technique used by Kripalu Yoga instructors. It helps you to better navigate the ever-changing emotional landscape of daily life.

When life becomes challenging, most of us avoid it by distracting ourselves with social media, food, anger, work, or substances that temporarily relieve the pain. That's mostly because we weren’t taught to live in the present moment, and that’s even more challenging when faced with difficult or unpleasant moments.

Usually you may feel this as a wave of sensation and emotion. Some waves are small while others can feel like tidal waves, pulling you into it’s depths of fear, and anxiety.

When you start to feel this resistance, try to stay with it and witness what’s happening in your inner world as an outside observer rather than get pulled in by the riptide. If you can skillfully ride the waves of sensation and emotion, you'll arrive at a state of peace and equanimity.

That brings me to something called “BRFWA”. BRFWA is an acronym, which stands for “Breathe”, “Relax”, “Feel”, “Watch”, and “Allow”. The next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable or emotionally charged situation, think BRFWA. Focus on the breath and breathe deeply by tapping into your 3-part breath, relax into the sensations as they rise, feel them without pushing any away, watch as an outside observer and allow them to flow through you. Accept whatever comes up. When you are able to witness your feelings instead of perpetually reacting to them, you allow your life to unfold naturally. You then clear a pathway to greater self-compassion and understanding.


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