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Mindful Boundaries

We teach people how to treat us, do you agree? Boundaries allow us to set limits of what we are willing or not willing to accept from others.

Let me ask you this:

Do you always say yes when you mean no?

Do you allow the moods of your friends, family, relatives, or students affect yours?

Do you feel like people take advantage of your good nature?

Are you always helping others out but feel like you get nothing in return?

Are you always exhausted or feel like there's never enough time to get everything done?

If you said yes to one or all of these, then you may benefit from learning how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Coming up in October, I'll be leading a two hour long live event to help you get crystal clear about what boundaries are, and how to set them. You'll also discover how having a consistent mindfulness practice will help you become a better teacher, parent, friend, or partner.

You'll learn:

  • How to identify what unhealthy boundaries are

  • How the lack of boundaries plays out in your day-to-day

  • How to set & maintain healthy boundaries in a compassionate way

  • The impact of having mindful boundaries

  • Use mindfulness practices to identify unmet needs & boundary violations

  • Communicate your boundaries in a kind and loving way

  • Improve your emotional, spiritual and mental well-being

  • Feel empowered and balanced

  • Reduce emotional reactivity

Are you ready to move forward? Yes! Then register for my workshop today.

And if you comment below today, you'll receive a discount of 25%.



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