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Why I Love Ayurveda and How You Can Start Practicing it Today!

I'm excited to announce that this Summer, I'll be continuing my training at Kripalu. This time, I'll be diving deeper into the wonderful world of Ayurveda and completing the "Uniting Yoga & Ayurveda" module towards my 300hr! Ayurveda translates to "Life Science". I first discovered it when learning about yoga at Kripalu during my 200hr. Since then, I have incorporated many Ayurvedic practices into my day-to-day which in turn helps me to live a more balanced life. I wouldn't say I eat a 100% Ayurvedic diet, but I am more mindful of what I eat, how I eat it and how I'm feeling now more than I ever had. Once you wrap your brain around balancing your 'dosha' then it gets a little easier. Your dosha is made up of the elements "water, earth, air, fire and ether' based on your body type and other factors (check out the fun quiz at the end to learn yours). But, what I really love about Ayurveda is that it compliments my yoga and mindfulness practices. It encompasses everything around us and making it a holistic lifestyle. What I mean is, if you're feeling stressed, not only is it recommended that you meditate, but perhaps you should infuse your home with soothing sounds and calming scents. If you're feeling sluggish, eat spicy foods or infuse your classroom or car with invigorating scents and wear bright colors. Try this: Whatever you are feeling, do the opposite. Example: If I'm feeling hot or irritated, I'll eat cooling foods like cucumbers, watermelon or honeydew while avoiding spicy food and go for a swim or take a cool shower in the Summer. Sorta makes logical sense, right? So, it really is about incorporating all of our senses into how we're feeling on a daily basis. Once you get more in tune with what's going on in your mind and body, you can manage it more easily. You can do this with your surroundings, what you eat, and everything else you're taking in through sight, sound, touch and scent. One of my favorite things to do is buy fresh flowers and place them in my home where I can smell and appreciate them regularly. This brings a grounded (kapha: earth element) energy to my space, so when I am home, I can really relax and unwind. Being part pitta (fire element), naturally I need more of that in my life. :)

You can take a fun quiz here to find out what your constitution is.

Comment below if you did and let me know! Or let me know what YOU love about Ayurveda if you already practice it :D


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