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Where Can You Soften a Little Today?

Do you have any fears about getting older? One of my biggest fears is becoming rigid. Rigid in my body, rigid in my thoughts, and actions which would prevent me from experiencing joy. I, just like anyone else prefer things the way that I like them. But sometimes, I find myself resisting new or different things for no other reason than I know what I like. When I was practicing recently, I had this idea of 'softness' or becoming more open. When we close ourselves off from new ways of thinking or seeing, often times we are separating ourselves from others. This could prevent us from experiencing all the other good things out there in life waiting for us. It's so easy to get caught up in our daily lives or routines and forget that to truly connect, is to be soft, to be open to new people, new experiences.

So I ask you, where can you soften a little today? Comment below.



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