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What is Mindful Living?

It's what I hear some of my teachers refer to as "Living their Yoga", or "Yoga with a capital Y". It's more than just the physical practice. It's the art of skillfully living in the world and engaging with all aspects of it. The full spectrum of human emotion and experience. The good/bad, light/dark, love/hate, jealousy/greed. It's about not denying your experience but embracing it fully. "Riding the Waves" of life. Everything in life is cyclical. There's a beginning, middle and end only to begin again. So the sooner we can learn to accept it and flow with it, the easier it becomes. This involves conscious communication, living your truth, following your dharma, doing no harm, setting healthy boundaries, taking care of what you digest in your mind, body and heart and all the other fun yoga and meditation practices peppered throughout there.

So when I tell someone I'm a "Mindful Living Teacher", that's what I mean. I'm here to support you on your own journey; wherever that may lead. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, I'd love to chat with you. 


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