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Improve your Digestion Today!

It's no secret that we all have tummy troubles from time to time. In fact, that was what lead me on my path to learning more about Ayurveda. Over the years, I have made these same changes in my own diet; they have since become an integral part of my daily life. So, if you have trouble with bloat, gas, or indigestion then continue on. Below, I offer just a few quick and easy changes you can start making today.

The number one thing you should be doing each morning after you scrape your tongue and brush your teeth is to drink a glass of warm water (add a squeeze of lemon or fresh grated ginger if you like). This helps flush the system, and promotes regular elimination.

This next one is really tough for some people, but the second biggest thing you need to do to keep things moving along is to eliminate ice water from your life. Sip tepid or warm water throughout the day. Why no ice? There a couple reasons for no ice, but one being that it increases wind in the body (gas/bloating). Also, imagine your belly is cooking all that food like a hot fire burns coals. This is Agni; your digestive fire. Your stomach prepares food for the intestines and organs so they can easily absorb and eliminate toxins, then you pour ice cold water on top. Result? You're effectively dampening that fire and weakening the digestive process. Your organs are a group of muscles which allow food to pass through. When muscles are cold, they become tense and tight; cold water does the same for your intestines, warm water maintains the free flow of movement of food and waste.

Lastly, when you sit down to eat your meals, pause first. Take a few deep belly breaths and begin. Eat seasonal, local and organic fruits & vegetables when possible. If you're stressed or rushing through a meal, it increases tension in the mind and in the body. Ayurveda believes the mind and the body are inextricably linked. If the mind isn't at ease, odds are you are holding tension somewhere in the physical body, often times that manifests in your stomach or digestion. Pausing and breathing allows the mind and body to soften, to relax promoting a happy, healthy digestive process.

If you like these tips, please share with others or comment below with your results!


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