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The truth is, I have bad days too. I think people believe that just because I'm a yogi, I'm always happy or cheerful, but that's not true. There's this saying; "I do yoga to burn off the crazy", and that's so true for me! I would probably be bat-shit crazy if it weren't for yoga or my #mindfulness practices. As I reflect back on the first month of school, it has been hard. I, myself have been struggling. There are some good days and some bad ones. What I realized though, was that this is exactly the reason why I created the Live an OMazing Life program for teachers. For people like me! For all the other teachers out there who are struggling to show up every day. Teachers who could use some extra support. Teachers who are just getting by. It's not easy out there, being the mother, disciplinarian and the educator to 40 or 400 tiny humans each day. But, there are tools, and practices to make it just a little bit easier. I got you.




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