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5 Yoga Terms Everyone Should Know

I know you've been there. You're in a yoga class and the teacher is rambling on and on about asanas, pranayama, uttanasana, savasana, adho mukhasvanasana and you're all like a-whatta?

Breathe. You're not alone! A lot of teachers (and professionals alike) get in the habit of using jargon (technical lingo). This is great and all when you're amongst peers, but in a class of newbs it just confuses the hell out of people and scares them away from ever wanting to try that thing (in this case yoga) ever again.

So, I'm here to break down 5 simple yoga terms you should know before taking your first (or second) yoga class.

1.) Pranayama : a breathing exercise

2.) Uttanasana : forward fold (a common posture where your torso is draped over your thighs with the knees soft/bent to protect the lower back)

3.) OM : Said to be the sound of the Universe (often chanted 3x at the beginning or end of a class)

4.) Namaste : Can be used as a greeting. Means the light/divine presence in me acknowledges the light in you (often said to conclude class with hands in prayer position and inward bow)

5.) Savasana : Corpse pose or time for relaxation! (practiced while lying flat on your back at the end of a class)


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