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5 Years Ago Today

On June 20, 2014; exactly 5 years ago today I graduated from Kripalu having completed my 200hr yoga teaching program. Once again, I find myself in the exacct same place as I was then. Except this time, I'm on the other side. Again, I've learned SO much. So much about who I want to be as a yoga teacher, and about why I started this journey to begin with. And as we're about to send these 42 newly minted Kripalu yoga instructors out into the world, I feel hope for our future. They've reminded me why I LOVE this place, WHY I teach yoga and the power of transformation and healing that can occur in 26 short days. So, as I prepare to leave tomorrow instead of feeling sad or disappointed, I find myself excited about what's to come next. As I've heard my teacher Coby say many times over; "with each ending, comes a new beginning (only to end and begin again)."

Jai Bhagwan


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