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3 Myths About Meditation

Obviously, I have a lot to say on the topic, but here are the three big ones that I'd like to touch on briefly.

Myth # 1

  • You have to completely clear your mind of all thoughts to meditate

This isn't true, meditation is learning the ability to train and focus your thoughts on a fixed object.

Myth # 2

  • You have to be seated cross legged on the floor in order to meditate

Actually, you can meditate while walking, running, lying down or sitting in a chair.

Myth # 3

  • You have to practice yoga to meditate

Yoga is an excellent preparation for meditation. And you can meditate and practice yoga, but they are not synonymous. Meditation can be a practice completely of its own. You can do both or pick one that suits you, your lifestyle, goals and personality.


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