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I felt more calm after the centering. I feel like I’m on edge a lot and this definitely relieved that feeling. This is something I could do at the end of a trying week or I could do a quick session during my prep time on a difficult day. It could make me less snappy towards the students on those tough days.

If you had told me in my teens that I would end up teaching elementary art, practicing yoga and living in Las Vegas, NV; I probably would have laughed at you. The truth is, I was never very healthy or active until my late 20s. I was always interested in art though. 


In 2007 while living in LA, I had my first anxiety attack.  Rewind to a few months earlier, I was complaining to my doctor about lower back and wrist pain. I remember my doctor asking me what I did for exercise and if I practiced yoga. I laughed at her question thinking to myself that "I'd never do yoga" or I wasn't one of those "granola munching hippies".

Fast-forward 6 months later and I'm living back in Buffalo, NY. I was going through a particularly rough time and this was the first time I considered learning about meditation to control my thoughts (and anxiety). My friend who was already into Bikram Yoga urged me to go to a class with her and that she would pay; I agreed.


When relaxation ended, I knew I was hooked. I felt better than I had felt in days, maybe weeks? I started a work-trade program at the studio right away so I could take as many classes as possible. As I practiced more regularly, sometimes 2 times a day, I noticed my lower back and wrist pain lessened. I did this for a few months until a terrible accident caused the studio to burn down. Even though I was in a much better place than when I started (physically/mentally/emotionally), I was still bummed for awhile without my practice.

In 2008 I started both my program in Art Education at Buffalo State College and the Buffalo Hula Hoop Group. Slowly, I learned more about improving my physical, mental and emotional health. This manifested itself through hula-hooping. A lot of people know me for my hula-hooping endeavors and I like to think of it as my great gateway to health & happiness. Hula-Hooping got me through my student teaching, a period of unemployment and finally back to a deeper yoga practice.

In 2010, I started practicing yoga regularly again with an instructor from the Himalayan Institute.  During Spring of 2011, I graduated with a B.S. in Art Education. In 2012 I volunteered and attended my first Wanderlust Yoga event at Stratton Mountain. That event singlehandedly changed my life's trajectory. It is where I discovered both my yoga teacher trainer (Coby Kozlowski) and School (the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health).

In 2013 I applied and received a scholarship to attend my first 200hr training. In 2014 I completed my program at Kripalu with Coby Kozlowski and Randall Williams. During the Spring of 2015, I began my 300hr teacher training at Kripalu (once again with Coby), to dive deeper into the teachings of Kripalu Vinyasa. That same Summer, I taught my first outdoor yoga series with live music on the waterfront in Buffalo, NY to hundreds of students.  Fall 2015, I moved to Las Vegas, NV where I currently reside. My training, and this life long journey continues. Now retired from public education in 2020, I teach mindful living to empower women and teachers all over.

What people are saying


Kristin is wonderful teacher with a great healing soul!! I spent a summer going to her yoga classes and they were amazing. I released so much stress and negativity during her classes. Kristin has a kind, clear voice and talked at the perfect speed. I felt she connected with the class and knew how give us the best healing yoga so we could feel it with us when we left. It was so great to release the negativity and start healing myself instead of harming myself.


I was lucky enough to have Kristen as a teacher in WNY. She has such a light calming presence. She is out West now and sent me an audio centering practice. It’s great quick way to pause in your busy day, get out of your head and back into your body and the space around you. It’s so nice to have a recording of a familiar soothing yet optimist voice to guide me when I need it. 💜✨ if you get the chance to work with her, or learn from her take it!


“Before meditating, my mind was racing to create a list of what I wanted to accomplish today. Taking the time to let myself center and refocus allowed me to clear my head and get a feeling of calm. It allowed me to let go of the “have-to’s”. My thoughts became clearer and less muddled following the meditation. I would use this practice for myself to calm or center myself before the day starts or to regulate a student who was struggling to focus or stay calm.”

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