Remember what it felt like when you first started teaching?
Have you lost that sparkle? The anticipation of the first day?
It's okay if you lost your way; I was once in your shoes and I'm here to tell you that it no longer has to be that way! Your students need a teacher that's vibrant, centered, and calm; someone who wants to be there and is available to support them on their journey. 
Are you ready?
In just five minutes, I'll have you relaxed,
centered and ready to take on anything that comes your way.
"I don't know what kind of witch craft you just performed but, that was a feeling I've never experienced before and I still feel so great!"
Does this sound like you?
"I don't know if I can do this for another 20 years."
"Nobody else cares about discipline, so why should I?"
"I wish I could just stay calm when the kids are acting up and not yell."
"I'm so physically, mentally and emotionally drained by the end of the day. I have no motivation to do anything."
 "Kristin’s centering exercise turned out to be a quick way to help me forget the things from my day that I was dwelling on but could not change. So, it brought me some inner peace despite everything thing around me!" 

It’s no surprise that you care, A LOT; or you wouldn’t be here. But, it doesn’t even matter how much you care, or how many extra hours you put in, or how amazing your lessons are, the most important skill you need to survive another year (or another 20) is this:

            In order to be of service to others, you need to fill your own well FIRST. When you are coming from a place of lack, are always depleted, then your ability to effectively manage the increasing demands of your job, your health, your students and your relationships will suffer.

You must learn how to manage your stress in such a way that when you start your day, your problems are "floating away on the clouds", you’re more present for your students and your cool, calm, energy creates a relaxed learning environment.

If you aren’t getting happier or more productive from binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, hibernating in bed all weekend, or eating chocolate then something has to change.  I hate to break it to you, but neglecting your own self-care isn’t the answer. If you want to maintain the sense of joy, excitement and curiosity that got you into teaching to begin with, then you must learn how to manage your stress and take care of yourself in the process.

Self-care is non-negotiable, if you want to make a difference and have long-term health & happiness.

I know this because I was once in your shoes and having a mindfulness practice has helped me to stay calm and focus when students are fighting, not listening or not following directions. This is the reality of public education right now.

As a child of public education and now a teacher deep in it (over 8 years now),  my mindfulness practice is the one thing that helps maintain my sanity. Centering myself before class, and practicing breathing exercises has helped me to stop anxiety and overwhelm in its tracks, pause when students are acting out and skillfully act instead of 'acting out' like a student. My self-care practices help me to feel more grounded at the beginning of the week and to stay that way throughout the week so I don't feel depleted. 

The one thing I see time and time again, are so many great teachers lose it, walk-out, or quit just because they have been feeling over-worked, exhausted, and physically, mentally and emotionally drained by the end of the day.

This is exactly why I wanted to help. So, I sat down and put together a program that takes you step by step, on how to ground yourself before a challenging class, pause during stressful moments and develop a deep sense of joy & gratitude for the relationships you have with your students, yourself and everyone around you.

Mindfulness practices work their MAGIC in your life in way you'd never expect; and YES you deserve to spend time on self-care

Don't believe me? 

Try out the 5 minute guided meditation offered with my email subscription by clicking here 

This could be you:

  • "The Centering was so calming. I have never taken much time to just feel everything around me. It was an almost out of body experience. I came out of it feeling way better than I did before I listened. I would totally recommend this to anyone who needs to get out of their own head or get away from the rest of the world even if it's for just a few minutes!"

  • "The centering exercise turned out to be a quick way to help me forget the things from my day that I was dwelling on but could not change. So, it brought me some inner peace despite everything thing around me! The pacing of her words is steady but she gives you time to either physically follow her directions or to mentally think through what she suggests. Kristin used an easy-to-understand analogy to help me acknowledge the things that aren’t just as I’d like them and gave me a strategy to deal with interrupting thoughts."

  • "If you are looking for a fast way to ground yourself anywhere & anytime. This is only 5 minutes long, so even the busiest of us can carve out a little time for self-care every day.

  • "I am so glad I did this centering exercise before I practiced. I felt physically aware of everything my body was doing, and also mentally very focused. In fact, I live in LA, and in the middle of my practice session there was a 6.4 earthquake (this was on July 4 - the earthquake's epicenter was 100 miles north of where I live) and it did not freak me out at all. I just waited for everything to settle and went back to work."

  • "Ms. Damstetter's super-power is her ability to stay calm during any and all storms"

Introducing : Live an OMazing Life

In this 10 day interactive course, you will develop a set of self-care practices for implementing mindfulness techniques that support you at home and in your classroom.


With just a few minutes each day, you will develop the tools you need to create an energized, interconnected, and kind classroom culture where every member is engaged, motivated, and passionate about learning.

Whether you're just starting out or a veteran teacher of 20+ years, Live an OMazing Life will push you to create sustainable self-care practices that benefit you, your family and students.

You need a self-care practice that will help...

  • Lower Emotional Reactivity

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Increase Optimism & Gratitude

  • Refine Communication Skills

  • Improve Concentration & Memory

  • Develop Sustainable Self-Care practices (that work)

What You'll Get:

By signing up for the program you'll receive access to:

  • 10+ Training Modules that build on previous learning each week

  • "OMworksheets" &  Journal Prompts to promote growth and self-reflection

  • Guided Meditations to help center you anytime and anywhere

  • 3 Breathing Exercises to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Daily Self-Care routines and practices to promote mind/body balance

  • How to set & maintain healthy boundaries

  • Improve Communication Skills to use at home and in your classroom

  • Weekly Planners to help prepare for the school week

  • 2020 Calendar for intention setting

  • Inspirational Mobile wallpapers

  • Exclusive offer for my OMazing Retreat

  • Certificate of completion

  • Bonus content & more!

Who Should Take This Program?

Are you dreading the upcoming school year? Not sure if you'll survive another month, let alone another year? With so much uncertainty right now, you need a plan to take on anything that comes your way. So, if you want to bring joy back into your life, or learn how mindfulness practices can help you to reduce your stress, then this is for you.


You're a:

  • Public or private school teacher that's at wits-end

  • School administrator that's tired, overwhelmed or burnt out

  • School counselor looking for new self-care strategies

  • Support staff or Specialist

  • Or you're just looking for support to reduce your stress so you can focus on what matters most

How Does the Program Work?

All of your lessons are online and can be completed at any time.


At the start of the program you'll receive a syllabus, your first activity and a game plan to keep you moving forward. You'll also get weekly and monthly planners to keep you organized and fun mobile wallpapers for daily inspiration. Each day, a new lesson will be released with corresponding activities and worksheets to prepare you for the school day ahead. Each day your lesson will build upon previous learning to prepare you to take on anything that comes your way. The goal is to get you centered before school starts and maintain that rhythm throughout the year.

When Can I Start?

Registration and program launch will happen at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year and later during Winter break.


  • Program enrollment will begin on Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 12pm PST (9am EST). Registration will close Monday, August 31st.

  • Limited seats available

  • If you miss open enrollment, you'll have to wait until the program re-opens again later in the year; sign up early and get a discount!

  • Registration is only available during those dates.

Who Teaches the Program?

Live an OMazing Life is led by me (Kristin Damstetter).

I'm a retired public educator, Mindful Living Teacher and an Ayurvedic Kripalu yoga instructor.  My mission is help bring joy back into teaching, and into your life so you can focus more on what truly matters: making a difference.

What is the Investment?

  • You'll receive life-time access to the trainings

  • The cost for the 10 day online course is $199 (That's $20 per class)

  • Get a 20% one time discount

  • Use code: OMAZING2020 at checkout